St. Cloud State University | Brown Hall Renovation

St. Cloud, MN

The renovation furnishes and equips approximately 82,000 gross square feet of science instruction and research facilities. This is intended to serve the current needs for basic sciences as well as the expansion of the Health Sciences programs. The program includes Nursing Science, Communication Disorders, Physics, Science Education and Continuing Studies. These programs occupy the three floors of the existing structure. It will create future-directed lab and classroom space that supports SCSU’s investment in developing technology and media-rich curricula.

The project provides an urgent and comprehensive upgrade to the building, including the envelope, deferred maintenance, and accessibility planning and design. The new design will address critical fi re, life safety, and air quality issues with the inclusion of modern new lab facilities and ventilation systems.

The interior partitions, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems were demolished and the entire interior of the building is new construction. All new HVAC, data and electrical systems were installed. The envelope of the building was insulated and all windows were replaced with energy efficient glazing. Sun screens were added on the south side of the building to control the glare in the teaching rooms to create a more sustainable structure.

Industry: Higher Education