Hibbing Community College - Hibbing, MN

Hibbing Community College

Hibbing, MN

Architecture Advantage has substantial experience on projects that demonstrates our abilities on designing and construction complex renovations while the higher education facility is in use by students, staff and faculty. The program and design at HCC included the renovation of four buildings and demolition of one building. It also included a new 5,000 square foot entry.

The project involves demolition of one building and links that totaled 13,970 square feet and the renovation spread through four buildings was 32,300 square feet. Building “L” and Building “M” were demolished on the interior and rebuilt to a new higher design standard. The project was built as one phase, but we had to move programs and spaces to interim “camp out” locations as the building was being used. There were multiple goals for the HCC Rightsizing Project. First was to eliminate outdated and underutilized space (Building “G”) and repurpose other spaces.

A major goal was to renovate the interiors of three buildings and improve the visual “wayfinding”. The design includes a new entry hall that opens immediately to a renovated Student One Stop Space to house all the student services. The design also includes energy efficient upgrades to the original buildings. The new design provides a new bookstore and new Learning Commons. The new design incorporates more interior glazing to bring “borrowed daylight” into offices and all the interior spaces.

Industry: Higher Education