Burton & Virginia Myers Education Center Dedication

July 17, 2023

Earlier in the year, Architecture Advantage, along with our team of consultants, completed work on the Burton & Virginia Myers Education Center at the University of Minnesota’s Landscape Arboretum. To celebrate, Melissa, Craig, and some of our partners at Gardner Builders attended the dedication ceremony. 


The Eastern Campus and the Education Center will be a hub for experiential learning – whether on site at the Farm Garden Campus or hundreds of miles away through facilitated distance learning – for all ages and provide a unique platform for increased development and delivery of research-based agricultural and gardening information. This information will empower visitors and other end-users, from homeowners to industry professionals, to implement research-based gardening practices that contribute to the overarching goals of supporting healthy landscapes, healthy people, and a healthy planet. 


The Education Center houses the Arboretum Adult Education Staff and meeting places for the public to join in discussion and educational programs dedicated to home gardening. The design was developed to define public and staffing spaces. Included within the public space zones are both interior, as well as exterior areas, to gather and teach. It includes a cooking and food preparation facility for onsite and remote learning and demonstration.