Vermillion Community College | Timber Ridge Townhomes

Ely, MN

The Timber Ridge Student Housing project introduces townhouses as a new type of student housing to Vermilion Community College. The campus only had traditional dorm style housing previously.

The project consists of four buildings, each containing three town-houses with their own individualized exterior entrance and appearance. The townhouse style housing allows for small, ten student communities to share common food preparation, dining, and living space on the entry floor. Two to three students will share each bedroom on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Snow and ice will cover the site for the majority of the school year in Ely, MN. Shed style roof forms will help shed the snow and ice simply without a complex drainage system.

The design is wood frame construction and provides excellent affordable housing for the college. Each building has a centralized mechanical room is located in the central unit of each 3 unit building.

Industry: Higher Education