Union Depot

St. Paul, MN

Built in 1918 by the major railroads serving the area, the Union Depot was abandoned for 12 years until its renovation in 1983. Being on the National Register of Historic Places, the primary task of this project was to restore the material conditions of this civic monument in Downtown St. Paul.

The renovation also provided for new types of space to occur within the main concourse. Restaurants, retail tenants, and offices now occupy the Union Depot while it simultaneously remains in the spirit of its historic origins. The renovation adheres to all federal guidelines for historic places.

The entire 150,000 square foot structure was restored and new windows were installed. Light fixtures were reproduced, the ticket counter was rebuilt, decorative plaster was replicated, and the upper mezzanine areas were opened up in order to overlook the great concourse below.



  • 2013 Preservation Alliance of Minnesota – Award Winner
  • 1985 Presidential Design Award – National Endowment for the Arts
  • 1985 Federal Design Achievement Award – Restoring American Cities

Industry: Government

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