Futuristic, Responsibility, Strategy, Individualization, Analytical

Natalie Sahalo


My journey in architecture began at Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, where I obtained my Bachelor's degree. Simultaneously with studying, I worked at an architectural company in Ukraine, where I developed architectural drawings of residential buildings in Kyiv. Always trying to find new experience in this industry, I did a lot of different internships including one of them that was in the architectural bureau in France. In building design, the most important for me is the people who will use the building, so I always put their needs, convenience and safety first in my projects.Beyond work, I enjoy hiking amidst the mountains or simply immersing myself in nature's embrace, as well as exploring different cultures through travel. I have an immense love for dogs, and for animals in general. Additionally, I like dancing, I'm not very good at it, but enjoy it anyway.


Bachelor of Architecture – Kyiv National University of Construction & Architecture