Consistency, Responsibility, Achiever, Maximizer, Learner

Chad Tollefson

Senior Technician

When I was a kid, I became engrossed in many artistic hobbies.  I enjoyed spending my time building with Legos, building intricately painted model airplanes and had an all-around interest in drawing and creating.  I also was likely influenced by my father, who is an architect, as he was always working on drawings and models in the evenings.  My brother and I would often tag along to the office on weekends to draw like an architect.  I majored in fine art at Saint John’s University and graduated in 1992.  From that point, I figured out that it is though being an artist and began to take electronic drafting classes at Minneapolis Technical College.  I have been working full-time in the architecture field since 1993.  I particularly enjoy working on construction documents and the details of how to put a building together.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, Saint John’s University