Leadership Duluth Graduation

June 23, 2023

Leadership Duluth, a program facilitated by the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce and proudly supported by Architecture Advantage, focuses on nurturing and refining leadership abilities within its participants.  

According to the Duluth Chamber, “Leadership Duluth is a comprehensive 10-month leadership development program by the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce that aims to unite, engage, and empower leaders to foster change within their workplace and community. Throughout the program, participants examine core leadership competencies, learn about Duluth’s cultural and business history, and discuss current issues facing the region. As a result, participants grow to understand the elements of a strong community and how their leadership can create opportunities within a business and cultivate a robust economy.” 

Over the last few years, Architecture Advantage has seen four team members graduate from this wonderful and inspiring program. Tiffany Bourassa, our latest graduate, successfully completed the program in July of 2023, embodying the program’s values and principles.  

At the graduation ceremony, we celebrated her achievements in Community Outreach & Impact and the remarkable journey of assembling over 1,000 hygiene kits for the Damiano Center for her small-group service project. Tiffany said, “This effort was part of a collective drive to support those in need within our community. The tangible impact we witnessed through this hands-on experience affirmed the difference we could make when we come together for a common cause.”

We also commemorated her contribution to promoting mental health awareness and support. Tiffany played a crucial role in the distribution of information for the 9-8-8 mental health hotline in local schools, ensuring youth were aware of this valuable resource. Reflecting on her team’s work in the mental health advocacy realm, she said, “This experience deepened our understanding of the significance of accessible mental health services and education.”

The graduation ceremony provided a fitting occasion to celebrate the relationships she had built during the program. The connections with fellow participants, alumni, and esteemed community leaders were acknowledged and appreciated. These relationships, which have enriched her personal and professional networks, continue to present opportunities for ongoing collaboration and learning within our community, underscoring the power of unity and shared experiences.  

Leadership Duluth stands as a beacon of empowerment and community engagement, exemplified by Tiffany’s successful journey through the program. This program, nurtured by the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce and bolstered by the unwavering support of Architecture Advantage, has a clear mission: to cultivate leadership skills and inspire individuals to be catalysts for positive change in their communities and workplaces.