Chip Lindeke

Albert (Chip) W. Lindeke III


Architect, St. Paul


I’m a visual person, and I’ve always liked creating and making things, especially at the human scale.  Architecture was a natural draw for me.  I’m also an organizer type, and have generally worked as a project manager.  In project management, creativity is a valuable skill for putting together projects and looking after your clients.  This is what I’ve done my entire career.  As a seasoned architect, I’ve worked on many project types, both large and small scale.  These projects have ranged from a variety of churches, K-12 and higher education facilities, civic buildings including post offices, as well as single family residential projects.  The joy of seeing a well-designed, sustainable project get built, that effectively satisfies a client’s needs, desires and resources is what drives me forward.
Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Colorado
Master of Architecture, University of Minnesota

Adaptability . . . Arranger . . . Consistency . . . Analytical . . . Woo